Adoption Locate & Reunion and Nationwide Locate Services

Connecting blood relativesAdoption Search and Reunion locates and reunites adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, siblings and all birth family members who have been separated by the adoption process or other types of family separation.

Searches are carried out with respect, confidentiality and compassion toward all parties involved.

None of the family members for whom we are searching will be contacted without your approval. Family members will not be aware that someone is looking for them and taking steps that make contact possible.

All types of adoptions can be searched: Closed, Open, Agency, Private and Step Parent. Agency adoption searches can be conducted for Catholic Charities, Children’s Home Society, The Holy Cross, Lutheran Social Services, Latter Day Saints Adoptions “LDS”, Los Angeles County Bureau of Adoptions, Los Angeles Department of Adoptions, Children’s Bureau of Los Angeles, Infant of Prague Adoption Services, Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers, Volunteers of America, Holy Family Services, Family Ministries, Edna Gladney, Gladney Center for Adoption, State Department of Social Services and many more.

There are three aspects to the search process. Each is distinct and optional. You can authorize them at any point. I work for both birth and adoptee families, as well as attorneys, private investigators, adoption searchers and genealogists who are assisting their own clients.

1.      Guaranteed Birth Name/Adoptee Name/Birth Parent Name – No Find/NoFee

If an adoptee was born in California, I will identify the birth name, the birth mother’s maiden last name and the birth father’s initials (if available.) If a birthparent or family member hires me to search for an adoptee, I will identify the adoptee’s full name. This search is guaranteed. If I don’t find the name, you don’t owe me anything. Usually, I can provide the names to you within 24 hours.

I own a unique data collection of every California birth, including adoptees’ original birth name and amended name, along with the birthmother, birthfather and adoptive parents’ names.

If you previously hired a searcher and they weren’t able to find a birth or amended name it may be because about 10% of adoptions were listed in a “delayed birth” index. I am one of the few searchers that owns a copy of the delayed births index.

Call me now or fill out this confidential information form.

2.     Nationwide Locate and Reunion

In order to develop the full names of the birthparents and verify their identities, you will need to order the “non ID file” from the California Department of Social Services or from the adoption agency, if that is known. This is the report which the social worker generated at the time of birth. It includes background on the birth families from an interview with the birthmother. I can provide you a sample letter to use to contact Social Services.

California Non identifying InformationIf you are looking for a birth mother or father, even if you have their name, the California Social Services file is worth getting. This is information obtained from your birthmother, most often while she was pregnant with you. It is part of your “story.”

Once we have the non ID file, I will work on developing the full names. Next I will find and verify the current addresses for the birth parents, relatives or adoptee, no matter whether they live in California or another state.

My longtime experience sleuthing for attorneys has honed my people-finding skills. As a licensed private investigator, I have access to professional, legal information databases that are crucial in locating individuals and researching their backgrounds.

Once I locate your family member, you and I will talk about whether and how to proceed. Some clients want to think it over for a time; others are ready to initiate contact. There’s no “right” decision. It’s up to you. If you decide to make contact, I will call the birth parent, adoptee or relative. I’ll gather personal history, attributes and characteristics, interests and medical information from both sides. Depending on your directive, I can communicate this information to the intended party and also facilitate the reunion.

3.     Researching Background

You may want to know about your relative’s life circumstances before making contact. I can prepare a Adoption Background Reportpersonal profile of your relative, reflecting the person’s financial status, marriages, divorces, other children, type of employment, education history and any civil or criminal cases in which they’ve been named. Additional details about the birthmother and birthfather, their family characteristics, health, ethnic and national origin, place of grandparents’ births and their employment is often available in the State of California Department of Social Services file that was prepared at the time of the adoption. This is the “non ID file” that the state releases to the adoptee.

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