Adoption Search Service Testimonials

“Tamara was an incredible help. I had called so many private investigators to help me find a brother that was adopted. She was by far the most affordable and I could tell that she truly cared. I couldn’t believe how quickly she found information about him. She was incredible to work with and I can’t imagine what I would have done if I didn’t find her. Thank you Tamara, I hope you are able to help many other people in the future.” Barbara D.

Find sibling“Tamara has helped locate my family…I am forever in her debt. Tamara was hired by my sister Shelly Ezzo a year ago…. we are ALL found now and catching up on our lives it has been 46+ years…. Tamara is amazing with her work….” Scott Ferguson

“Tamara Thompson provides exactly what you ask for – no more, no less. Your prearranged payment is transparent in every way, and I never once worried about being “strung along” for more and more money. I trust her.” Linda J. Bennett

“Tamara was very friendly and helpful when we hired her to locate a birth parent. She is fairly priced and exceeded my expectations when she had results within 24 hours of receiving the information she requested on my end. I highly recommend anyone seeking a reputable, honest and trustworthy PI to hire Tamara, she’s great!” Katherine D.

“Tamara was very good to work with in helping me find my biological father.
She was thorough, responsive, and extremely helpful.” Tom S.

“Tamara, your help was critical in locating the biological parents of my client. This information affected the destiny of several people’s lives. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.” Jeff C.

“I requested Tamara’s assistance in locating my client’s birth parents, who were forced to give my client up for adoption at the time of her birth due to their young age (both 16). The adoption records were sealed, and the only information that we had were their dates of birth and a brief physical description of each parent. Therefore, it goes without saying that we had our work cut out for us.

Within 2 days, Tamara miraculously provided me with the names of both birth parents. In turn, I conducted a locate investigation and within 4 hours, my client and her natural father met each other for the very first time.

My thanks to Tamara for conducting some absolutely amazing work. Without her assistance, I may have never been able to solve this case. She is a pleasure to work with and truly an asset to this profession.” David Mancini

“Imagination, expertise, results, easy to work with — Tamara has it all. She’s an expert on genealogy investigations and locating people. With little more than a name on a tombstone from 1820, she built aSteve Levine family tree of all descendants, and found the living family.” Stephen Levine, EMMY award-winning Investigative Reporter and co-author of Paper Trails: A Guide to Public Records in California.

“Having worked with Tamara several times, I am impressed by her professionalism, how responsive she isRichard T. White, Donahue Fitzgerald and how easy it is to work with her. But the most important metric of a good investigator is results – and Tamara gets results.” Richard T. White, Litigation Group, Donahue Fitzgerald

“Thanks so much for putting me in touch with both of my biological parents. I believe both of these relationships will continue to grow and enrich our lives. I appreciate the way you handled the situation and your efforts, and I thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to establish such an important connection.” S. Johnson, adoptee

“Tamara is Wonderful ! We needed to locate a family for an urgent matter. Tamara was able to deliver the Adoption recordadoption record to us within 24 hours. We located our family and made contact within 48 hours of taking on the case. Thank you Tamara!” Melanie Daria, P.I.

Adoption search“Tamara gave me some great advice — I am off to pursue this in my quest to find my birth families! She is very knowledgeable about what is needed to get the search done quickly and efficiently. Thanks again, Tamara. Janet Yelowchan

“Fast easy and painless! If you are looking for results, I highly recommend reaching out and making that first step with Adoption Search and Reunion!!!” Cynthia Navarro, P.I.

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